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So, another year has passed and as always the transition itself feels like something special, like something extra is going to happen as soon as we pass midnight and January 1 starts. It never does… or at least it’s not … Continue reading

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Minusgrader och Mörker

The latest song I released is “Minusgrader och Mörker”. Again I wrote it in Swedish. (It’s a bit tricky to translate. A word by word translation would be ‘Minus degrees and Darkness’ but a more accurate translation of what I … Continue reading

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About a year ago I released a song called “Liv i mitt liv” (life in my life). It was the first song in a very long time I wrote in Swedish. For some reason it felt right there and then. … Continue reading

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Just started

Hi! I just started this blog. This is the first post and hopefully I will fill this space with news about my music, but we’ll see. Anyway…today its Christmas so I guess there are other things to do… for now… … Continue reading

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