Mikke Severinsson Band 2014


Just came back from a rehearsal with the band. Since we were all gathered I took a picture of my fellow musicians.

Mikke band 2014

The guys playing with me:

From left – Karin Engqvist (vocals), Jake Svensson (guitar), Daniel Andersson (keyboards), Jari Achrenius (bass) and Lars Örtegren (drums).

We don’t have a name for this band yet… but that’ll come later… I think it’s sounding great now. The biggest problem was figuring out which songs to cut from the set since we’ll only have 30 minutes on Saturday. I guess skip talking between songs would squeeze in another one, right? So, which song should I keep? “Liv i mitt liv”, “Minusgrader och Mörker” or “That’s just fine with me”? I can only include one…

Anyway, be there early, we will… [03:15pm]

P.S I don’t know what Jari is doing with that triangle but I hope he’ll play the bass on Saturday … 🙂



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