Cable car capacity


I just got the year report from WordPress and it’s a funny coincidence that they compared the traffic with the capacity of the cable cars in San Francisco. I was on a holiday trip to San Francisco in late November and have it in fresh memory. I also have the rain in fresh memory. Coming from Sweden I believed that it would be sunny most of the time… but it was raining 5” for two days in a row. I guess the sun is back now when I’m not there anymore…

Anyway the cable cars, I doubt that they can take 60 people like the WordPress report says, but maybe, with some folks hanging on the outside. We stayed at the Fisherman’s Wharf and there was a cable car taking us straight to Union Square so we took them a lot. I like them; it’s nice to see that old technology still in use.

By the way I liked San Francisco a lot!

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