Mikke Severinsson – AGAIN – What’s it about

This is from the site http://www.hemifran.com:


One thing that’s always been in focus in Mikke Severinsson’s life is music. Even though he’s been in many bands over the years, there has always been thoughts of doing something on his own, eventually. This time he’s doing just that. With his feet firmly rooted in pop and rock music he has created an album that definitely is reflecting that urge. The album “Again” is the result a couple of live sessions in the studio, trying to capture a live feeling.


”Again” is a song about the groove and the dynamics and of course about volatile relations.

The One Percent”, this world is floating silently through space at neck breaking speed while the small invisible people on its surface are fighting over virtualized values a few a lot more than others.

”Nadine” is a weird story about Berlin, or rather an old friend…..

”Break The Wave” happened to evolve to something that sounds like the 80’s.

This album has just started it’s journey, so please help it to find its way to all your favourite spots of of the world. 🙂 If you’re using Spotify or iTunes, see the links below. However, it’s also available on a number of other streaming sites. The last one included was KKBox which is very big in South East Asia, Japan, Taiwan and so on.

Grab a coffee, get your earphones and tune in or load it up in your car audio system and have a ride. Spotify doesn’t cost much, but I like “likes”, so don’t forget to stop by https://www.facebook.com/Mikke.Severinsson.

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3k8Oa7riH2nKI8xHGRoBoM

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mikke-severinsson/id591341130


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