Komsjälsfestivalen 2015 närmar sig

Den första riktig sommardagen anlände igår efter en vår som aldrig riktigt kom. Det var väl som mest 10-12 grader och blåsigt. Idag är det skolavslutning och vädret verkar hålla i sig. Jag tolkar det som att det är stor chans att det blir kanonväder på fredag i Timmele.

Nog med amatörmeteorologiska prognoser. Jag ville bara presentera Marian och Daniel för er. På det här giget hoppar de in för Joyce och Jari som av olika anledningar inte kan vara med.


Daniel Axelsson




Massor av musik. Massor av genrer. Massor av folk. Kanonväder (gissar jag)… helt enkelt massor.

Vi går på scenen 20:00 på fredag. 

Vi syns där!


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The Liberation Front of the Garden Gnomes – a film project

I just watched Johan Kransvik and Co’s film project, I liked it a lot!

It’s a short mockumentary about a film team doing a mockumentary about “The Liberation Front of the Garden Gnomes” only to discover that they exists for real… and then it derails…

I like the multilayer idea, a dream within a dream within a dream… and of course I like the not too bright members of the Front itself. Teaming up around something as crazy as liberating garden gnomes is really absurd… but what if it wasn’t garden gnomes… what if it was some other fanatic idea…


Behind the movie:



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Mikke Severinsson med band på Komsjälsfestivalen 2015


Nästa gig är på Komsjälsfestivalen i Timmele.
I år spelar vi på fredagen 12/6 klockan 20:00, så var där tidigt… 🙂

Mikke Aff Komsjälet 2015_624



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Cable car standstill with entertainment

November 21 we jumped on the cable car at the turntable on California St. heading down to Union Square. We switched to another one on Powell St. to take us back to Fisherman’s Wharf and this one was packed with people. I squeezed into the middle of it and had to remain standing up. The car cranked and started to move. We were now moving up the hill and were soon over the top going down towards Fisherman’s.

In front of me on the bench was a three year old girl and her dad. She was talking a lot and her dad very patiently answered all her questions that came up from time to time. A few blocks down the car suddenly stopped in the middle of an intersection and all traffic around also seemed to stop. Nobody knew what was happening, a traffic accident maybe? I saw the flashing lights from police and firetrucks passing us with their sirens on. They disappeared over the hill behind us and then nothing happened for a while, except for the little girl who kept talking. Now she said that she was thirsty, that she wanted some water, but her dad said that he didn’t have any. “We can buy some when we get to the end station, in the store”.
“What’s more in the store!” she asked and started to interrogate him one item at a time. “Do they have chocolate in the store?” “I don’t know…” “Is there … ” “I don’t know…” and so on for a long while and a lot of items. We were still not moving. There was a car standing in front of the cable car, but I couldn’t see much from where I was standing.
“There are too many people in here” the girl said, “they doesn’t fit”.
I guess she was right…
Then she started to sing. She didn’t care who listened, she just sang. It was the Beatles song “Help”.  She knew it well, but at certain words her dad tried to correct her pronunciation. She wasn’t going to take that, she just said; “That’s not the right version!”  and kept singing her version. (Obviously the right version)

Now the cable car was starting to move again. When we left the cable car I thanked her for the singing and she blushed as she suddenly became aware of having an audience…:)

The day after I heard on the news that a window washer had fallen 11 stories from a banking building on the California St – Montgomery St, intersection. He fell into a moving car and survived, even the driver survived. I guess this was the reason for the standstill.

Talking about the cable cars a friend of mine made a comment of my last post. “Did you happen to take a look at their brakes”. I had to admit I hadn’t. “It’s two slabs of wood against the tracks, one on each side… that’s it.” Really? Good thing I didn’t look then…

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Cable car capacity


I just got the year report from WordPress and it’s a funny coincidence that they compared the traffic with the capacity of the cable cars in San Francisco. I was on a holiday trip to San Francisco in late November and have it in fresh memory. I also have the rain in fresh memory. Coming from Sweden I believed that it would be sunny most of the time… but it was raining 5” for two days in a row. I guess the sun is back now when I’m not there anymore…

Anyway the cable cars, I doubt that they can take 60 people like the WordPress report says, but maybe, with some folks hanging on the outside. We stayed at the Fisherman’s Wharf and there was a cable car taking us straight to Union Square so we took them a lot. I like them; it’s nice to see that old technology still in use.

By the way I liked San Francisco a lot!

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Blue Velvet i Borås – gig i decembermörkret

Så var det dags att göra lite reklam för mig själv!  Kom och ta en paus från julhysterin en kväll i december. Alla är välkomna. (Blue Velvet Borås – 20 Dec 2014)

Blue Velvet Dec 2014

PS. Rickard Olson kommer att vara med på percussion.

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The Autogrill lunch stop

Is about just as exciting as it sounds… An Italian road restaurant at the Mediterranean… I wouldn’t be surprised if they were part of the Eurest-chain.

The environment was like eating in a gas station back in the days when they really sold oil, sparkplugs and windshield wipers… but sitting in the shop.

Finally in the food queue it showed that were out of pizzas. The only thing left to choose between was now cannelloni… with clams, Aubergines gratin or something ‘not really, but not completely unlike lasagna’… with spinach… wow, just like Eurest; take something good and mix it with something nasty… The lady was pointing to all the pots and asked “little and little”? I took the least nasty… the Aubergine…

Then it was just to bring the tray further into the shop to find a table, between the magazine stands and the fan belts, not overloaded with unpicked dishes or “Italians on the move”. I was thinking; if I’m not breathing with my nose and swallow it quickly I’d be able to eat the black gray Aubergine booger without it tasting too much.

Carina looked at me and had no problems interpreting my body language and facial expressions. She suggested I’d go and buy myself a Panini instead of looking like I was forcing myself to eat worms.. She gave me some of her pasta not containing too much clams…

Well, at least one is losing weight… 🙂

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Lunchstopp vid Autogrill

Är ungefär lika upphetsande som det låter… Italiensk vägkrog vid Medelhavet… man skulle kunna tro att de ingår i Eurest-kedjan.

Miljön var ungefär som att äta på en bensinstation på den tiden de verkligen bara sålde bensin olja, tändstift och torkarblad… fast i butikslokalen.

Väl i matkön så visade det dig alla pizzor var slut. Det man nu kunde välja på var cannelloni… med musslor, auberginegratäng eller något inte riktigt, men inte helt olikt lasagne…  med spenat… wow, man har tagit något gott och blandat i något oätligt…  Mattanten pekade på alla grytorna och frågade “Little and little”? Jag valde det minst oätliga… Auberginen…

Sedan var det att baxa ut i butiken och hitta ett bord mellan godishyllor och fläktremmar som inte var belamrat med oplockad disk och ”italienare on the way”.
Jag tänkte att om man låter bli att andas med näsan och sväljer snabbt så får man i sig den svartgråa snorgegglan till aubergine utan att det smakar så mycket.

.. Carina tittade på mig och hade inga problem att tolka kroppspråket och ansiktsuttrycken. Hon tyckte att jag skulle köpa en macka istället för att se ut som om jag satt och tvingade i mig mask… jag fick lite pasta av henne som inte innehöll så mycket musslor…

Tja, man går i alla fall ner lite i vikt… 🙂

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Live version of “Grand Illusion” now on Youtube


I just posted a live version of Grand Illusion to Youtube. It’s from the festival gig on June 14. I have more songs in this format, but I’ll have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, this is the first one:


Jake Svensson – Karin Engqvist – Lars Örtegren – Jari Achrenius – Daniel Andersson – Mikke Severinsson

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